MyoTrac Infiniti Dual Home
MyoTrac Infiniti Dual Home T9860
2 Channels of sEMG Only
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lectrodes for Use with MyoTrac Infiniti Dual Home EMG

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The MyoTrac Infiniti Dual Home Unit functions exactly the same as the Dual EMG except that it does not use the Biograph software and be connected to a PC in real time. It is designed to be sent home with patients for home training with after session data retrieval when the patient returns to the office of clinic.

MyoTrac Infiniti Dual Home Unit Features:
• 2 channels of sEMG (no Stim)
• Stand Alone device with touch screen
• Auto-thresholds
• Bargraphs, linegraphs, digital graphs
• Audio-feedback and alarms
• On board memory - saves sEMG statistical summary data
• Over 50 pre-programmed protocols
• Patient lock feature ensures patient compliance for use in a multi-room clinic or when used as a take home unit to further enhance clinical training
• Free software to generate reports from sessions recorded into a Compact Flash

• Battery Life: Alkaline cells (1200mAh) or Battery Pack (700mAh) = 3 / 4 hours typical.
• Low Battery Warning: Before shut down
• ADC output: 14bits
• Encoder sample rate: 1048 samples/second nominal
• Encoder channel bandwidth (3dB): Internal EMG amplifier 20 - 500Hz, External Sensor Input: DC - 500Hz
• Anti-aliasing Filter: 4th order Butterworth - 3dB at 500Hz
• Alias rejection: 24dB typical
• Gain accuracy: +/-0.5%
• Accuracy including external sensor: +/- 5% +0.6uV RMS

• MyoTrac Infiniti device
• Carrying case
• Manual
• Clinical guide
• Power adaptor
• Headphone
• LCD touch pen
• Sample Unigels, triodes and singles (single patient, single use)
• (2)Snap style sEMG extender cables.
• Zeroing cable and battery pack.

Review our guide to electrode preparation.

MyoTrac Infiniti Clinical - EMG, Stim, Computer Connection
MyoTrac Infiniti Home - EMG, Stim, No Computer Connection

MyoTrac Infiniti Dual Clinical - EMG, No Stim, Computer Connection

Download Documentation
MyoTrac Infiniti Dual User's Guide (USA)

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