Lady Care Vaginal Weights

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Vaginal weights (often called vaginal cones) are one of the most widely used effective exercise systems for pelvic floor strengthening. And, because it is reasonably priced, it is also are great value for women who want to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and stop urinary stress incontinence.

Vaginal weights will improve:

Lady Care Vaginal Weights are used to strengthen the pelvic floor, just like body building but in this case for your pelvic floor muscles.

Lady Care Vaginal Weights

Lady Care are self-positioning so you are confident that you are using them correctly and the right pelvic floor muscles are being strengthened. It is biofeedback in its simplest form. No electronic instrumentation or electric requirements. Used while standing and walking so there is no need to interrupt your day or set aside extra time for special exercises when using resistance training systems.

Lady Care Vaginal Weights are:

The self-positioning cylinder (weight), positions itself in the lower portion of the vagina, where it can be most effective. The weight is at the bottom of the cylinders, where gravity prevents it from falling over and dislocating.

And they use Facilitation - The roughened flat bottom makes it easier to 'catch' the weight if it is sliding out. Also, the weights have non-slippery 'shoulders' which facilitate a muscle contraction when touching the pelvic floor muscles.

• Weights come in 4 sizes: 20g, 30g, 40g, 60g.
• Self-positioning weights for maximum effect
• Each weight has a looped string for easy removal
• Weights are made of polycarbonate
• Safe, easy and effective
• Includes four weights, instruction manual, carrying bag

Green (20g)
Will help you find the muscle: Awareness
Yellow (30g)
Builds up and maintains a short muscle contraction.
Red (40g)
Builds up and maintains a longer muscle contraction.
Black (60g)
Maintains a muscle contraction of 6 - 8 seconds.

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