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eSense - Skin Temperature WHITE
GSR2 Biofeedback Device
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eSense - Skin Temperature BLACK
GSR2 Biofeedback Device
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The Mindfield eSense Temp uses a temperature sensor, a free app and the microphone input of your iPhone , iPad, iPod touch, and Android to measure your hand temperature for training the relaxation response and changing cold hands into warmer hands.

This eSense Temperature biofeedback device from MindField is a remarkable piece of equipment for home biofeedback. All professional quality biofeedback systems have the capability to train the relaxation response through hand warming. Until now it has been difficult for the home based consumer to obtain effective and inexpensive hand warming equipment that can also save data. And, because the eSense Temperature biofeedback unit works with iPods, iPads and Android devices it is truly easy to use and portable.

Hand warming is an important biofeedback technique. Many people have cold hands and fingers that they find uncomfortable, particularly in cold weather. Scientific studies have shown that learning how to warm the hands has been shown to improve migraine headaches and help to lower blood pressure. Warm hands are a sign of good peripheral circulation which is a sign of a relaxed and optimally functioning nervous system.

The eSense Temperature sensor is attached with the included strap to your index or middle finger, it is best not to hold the sensor between the index finger and thumb because this creates a false reading. Immediate visual and audio feedback enables you to learn how to voluntarily increase the skin temperature in your fingers which means that your peripheral blood circulation is improving and your stress response is being reduced.
Attention: Never use the eSense Temperature while charging your iOS/Android device!

Requires one of the following:
Apple iPhone® (3G and higher)
Android devices (versions 2.3 or higher)
Apple iPad® (first generation and higher, visual feedback only for some iPads)
Apple iPod touch® (fourth generation and higher, visual feedback only for some iPods)

Technical Specifications:
Measurement at 10 Hz (10 values per second)
One value per second (averaged) is stored in the app and can be exported as a CSV file via e-mail.
Resolution: 18bit, rounded to 2 digits after the decimal point. Not rounded for export to CSV.
With the free app visual feedback is displayed as a line graph and bar graph with high and low points.
You can export the measured data via e-mail.

Download the eSense Skin Temp User Manual

Included in the Package:
Mindfield eSense Temperature Sensor
Velcro Tape for attaching the sensor
Free App by Mindfield on the Apple App Store & Google Play
Detailed instructions for effective biofeedback training under the Help tab in the app.
Adapter for connecting to Android devices

Download the free eSense Skin Temperature Biofeedback App on iTunes
Download the eSense Skin Temperature Biofeedback App on Google play

What to expect and how to get the best results:
If you are a person with cold hands and fingers and begin to learn how to warm your hands it is not uncommon to feel frustrated at first, after all you are learning a new skill and can expect some practice time. And typically this frustration results in colder hands which is a stress response. Since this is the response you want to change, the best course of action is to take a mental step back and begin to observe what is happening rather than react. This helps let go of the frustration. Then you can focus on relaxing by using any relaxation technique with which you are familiar and notice the effect on improving your hands' ability to warm. In addition, visualizing your hands in a warm bucket of wateror in warm gloves helps. Another visualization that is helpful is to imagine that as you exhale, your warm breath travels down your arms into your hands.

Plan to spend from 5 to 15 minutes sitting and relaxing while you work with the device. Within a few sessions you will notice you have begun learning conscious control over warming your hands.Then, as you practice more and more you will get better at warming your hands and can learn to warm them easily even in challenging situations. A complete lesson plan is included in the Help section of the app.