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emWave Inner Balance Wired Sensor iPhone and Android™
emWave Inner Balance Lightning
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emWave Inner Balance Bluetooth® Sensor For iPhone and Android™
emWave Inner Balance Bluetooth

Note: Inner Balance Lightning uses the smaller pin input. Inner Balance 30 pin is for the larger 30 pin input. (specific devices listed below)

The Inner Balance app and sensor for iOS can help transform your life by providing real time stress monitoring with coaching programs for high level relaxation training using the same technology that has made the emWave 2 and emWave Pro so successfull.

HeartMath's patented and scientifically-validated system measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV). The infrared sensor connected to your iOS device measures your pulse rate and calculates your level of Coherence. Coherence is a powerful inicator of how relaxed you are. The Sensor clips to your earlobe and reads the heart rhythm and then suggests a breathing sequence for you to follow that helps you to transform and release emotions. You Get into coherence through Inner Balance helping you restore positive emotions.

Click on the screen to watch a short video (update to the video, there are two sensors to choose from)

Experience Results Immediately
• Directly feel the impact of emotions on your body
• Learn to actively change your reaction to stressful events
• Actively change your attitudes so you have a more positive outlook
• Become more resiliant by practicing only a few minutes each day
• Save data and track your progress (you can also receive awards)
• Keep track of your activities and successes
• Share your sessions and help others

• Real-time HRV monitor
• Breath pacer — Helps you pace your breathing
• Training — Learn the HeartMath’s Quick Coherence® technique through onscreen prompts
• Multiple session screens — Advanced screens with more charts and in-depth physiology monitoring
• Journal — You can keep a personal health journal and to track how you feel before and after a session
• Awards — As you build coherence you gain rewards
• Share — With one click you can share on Facebook, Twitter or email
• History — Keep trackof your history and progress as you improve your response to stress

Inner Balance Sensor for iOS
This simple to use technology takes a pulse reading from your earlobe and displays your heart rhythm patterns.

Lightning Connector*
iPhone® 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad mini®, iPad® (4th generation), iPod Touch® (5th generation). Not backward compatible.

30-Pin Connector
iPhone 3GSR, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPod Touch (4th generation).

Connect and Go
• When launching Inner Balance for the first time, it will display a quick overview of the app’s elements.
• Once overview is completed, you will be asked to sign into Heart Cloud by creating an account.

First time users will be asked for name, email and password.
Default value is set to keep you logged in and sync data.
• A Session screen will appear where you can start training.
• Navigate between sections or by swiping the screen.
• Major components of Inner Balance are controlled through the tabs at the bottom of the screen

Start Your Journey of Wellness and High Coherence
• Tap once on the session screen. To end a session tap twice.
• The sensor calibrates to your system and then the HRV trace scrolls across the top.
• First, focus on the area of your heart and follow the breath pacer.
• Second, engage a positive emotion or recall a time when you felt care or appreciation.
• The “Coach” prompts will help guide you.
• Once completed, the session review screen will display your results.

How it works
Detailed Session Screens
• Session screens plot the pulse, HRV, power spectrum and coherence over time.
• A small breath pacer in the form of a moving ball comes up at the bottom of the screen.
• “Coherence” score reflects your level of coherence.
• “Achievement” reflects how you were doing over the whole session. The more time in medium or high Coherence, the higher the Achievement score.

Additional Features
Multiple Session Screens
Three breathing pacers to help you pace your breath during your sessions.
Two session screens are designed and one you create yourself. One is My Inspiration which allows you to create your own images and audio.

Review and History Screen
Once a session is ended you will see the Results screen. Your History can be accessed using the Review tab and selecting from the list of your sessions.

Journal Screen
Journal tab allows you to add entries to document your journey and moods. You may tap on the Mood icons to edit them. If they do not have an entry, they will appear grayed out.

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